Health & Safety

Policy Statement

Majestic is committed to operating its business in a manner that prevents harm to people and the environment.

Health, safety and environmental considerations of our activities are integral to the success of our organization.

The authority, responsibility and accountability for health, safety and environmental aspects of our business will be clearly defined.

In accordance with these principles, Majestic aims to:

The Health, Safety & Environmental Management System (HS&E MS) demonstrates Majestic Oilfield Services Inc. commitment to ensure consistent and effective management of health, safety and environmental matters. The system promotes continuous improvement by ongoing measurement and evaluation of performance against established standards i.e. CSA Z1000.OHSAS 18001. It also provides an effective HS&E management interface with clients and contractors.

This overview describes the general organization and structure of the HS&E Management System. The HS&E MS employs four key phases: Planning, Deployment, Review and Improvement (PDRI). These four phases are organized in 15 elements:


  1. HS&E Risks and Impacts
  2. Legal Business and Client Requirements
  3. Goals and Plans
  4. Management of Change


  1. Structure and Responsibility
  2. Training, Awareness and Competence
  3. Communication
  4. Document Control
  5. Operational Control
  6. Emergency Planning and Response


  1. Audits
  2. Records
  3. Non-conformance and Incidents
  4. Performance Monitoring and Measurement


  1. Management Review